High Fire Danger

The flame is still there,
small and warm.
It was all I could do to
keep it dampened down.

Your breath
kindling it brighter.
Neutrality was only a
smoky dream.

I will give you
what breath I can,
but once
my house burned down
and I
must protect
my family from fire.

Published in "Shared Visions" anthology, Calyx Press, 2004.

Poetry -- a sampling

Bioluminescent Bay

You ask me if I
can dance.
I lie
and say no.
I glide
in the water, warm
among the starfire
that brings heaven

The spirits of my friends
wink in and out
trail down my arms
as I lift them
from the water,
a belly dancer gesturing,
longing for the lost ones.

I float with them,
turn and spin
around and around
to the music
pounding from the boat
until I am dizzy
with memory.
Salt tears commingle
drip back
to the sea.

​You are a bright star
alive and vital
full of possibilities
that are innocent enough
or not,
I do not know yet.

streak down with me
into the night,
into the Caribbean Sea.
Churn the water
and watch the
sparks fly
with our dance
of life.

Published in “Migrations: Poetry & Prose for Life's Transitions” by Wildwood River Press, September 2011.