Science Writing


Marie has written for Minnesota medical organizations such as Hennepin County Medical Center (where she was an intern in college), Essentia Health in Duluth and Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She’s also written for Lance Armstrong’s national health web site, Here is a selection of her stories that are currently available on the web:

Ghostwriter “Bone Marrow Stem Cells Improve Heart Function, Study Finds,” news release, March 2012.


Ghostwriter: “Stem Cell Study Clarifies the Best Time for Therapy to Aid Heart Attack Survivors,” news release, November 2011.

Author: “Causes of Muscle Twitches and Spasms,” for Lance Armstrong’s site, May 2010.


Author: “How to Prevent Ear Wax Buildup” article for Lance Armstrong’s site, March 2010.


Here's a selection of recent stories from Marie's work for the Wisconsin Sea Grant Program.

Author: "Researchers Find Meteotsunamis are an Underrated Hazard in the Great Lakes," news release, November 2016.

Author: "Atlantic Salmon on the Horizon for Aquaculture in Wisconsin and North America," press room story, November 2016.

Author: "What Happens When a Lake Trout Survives a Sea Lamprey Attack?" press room story, October 2016.

Author, “Sea Grant Project Focuses Kids on Water," news release, September 2016.

Author, “Tracking Mercury: Chemical "Fingerprinting" Determines Sources,” Aquatic Science Chronicle newsletter article, June 2016.