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Aquatic Science

Here's a selection of stories from Marie's work for the Wisconsin Sea Grant Program.

A fight to keep Milwaukee pool open uses Sea Grant data and strong partnerships,” news story, August 2020.

Underwater photography program for students and at-risk youths expands,” news story, July 2020.

​“Sea Grant research addresses the growing crisis of PFAS exposure, finds PFAS in rainwater,” news release; and WI State Lab of Hygiene website April 2020.

​Author/Photographer: “A touch of wilderness near the city: the Superior Municipal Forest,” blog post, March 2020.

Author/Photographer: “Environmental improvements coming to Barker’s Island,” front-page news story, Superior Telegram, Feb. 25, 2020; Sea Grant news story, February 2020.

Scientists discover that meteotsunamis can cause rip currents,” news release, March 2019; and Aquatic Sciences Chronicle, June 2019.

Science Communications